I just sent out my September newsletter .. and today is the most gloriously perfect Spring day! The sun is shining, the air is warm, the sky is blue. Sure there is a little wind around but that’s Spring for you .. I love it all.

Here is what I shared with my readers.

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Glory be!!

I woke early a few mornings ago to be greeted by the most intense pink sky .. and slowly but surely over the last week the smell and joy of Spring has continued to unfold around me.

There is something giddy and child-like about this time of year, just knowing that the warm light is returning and tapping into that buzz of yang-energy that is rising around – and within – us, makes all things seem brighter and possibilities endless.

Spring is one of my favourite seasons. Hahaha .. that’s probably not completely true now because I live in a perpetual state of excitement for all the seasons and all the gifts.

Did you receive your copy of the Spring Awakening eMagazine?

The Spring 2021 edition has just been released. This one is a bumper and delicious edition – all 45 pages – and full of practices and rituals to embrace and celebrate this season of awakening and new beginnings.

And truly, I cannot be more honoured to share the wise and wonderful lessons from my friends, teachers and contributors who are sharing their passion and talking about what we can do to embrace the element of Spring through Qigong with Marisa Cranfill (YOQI), Reflexology with Monique Poppelaars (Sundewtherapies), Ayurveda with Suzi von Mensenkampff (wakeuplittlesuzi) and Yoga with Jennifer Ellinghaus (author of Yoga for Travellers).

Plus .. I share a guided Spring Mantra meditation, there is a Spring Equinox ritual (23rd September in Australia) and a bundle of daily life mindfulness practices and other suggestions to full embrace the season of Spring!

If you have friends who would like their own copy – please suggest that they subscribe to our four editions each year – here.

And with the news, or confirmation, yesterday that here in Victoria we are going to be navigating lockdown for a little longer .. 

Some suggestions for bringing more calm and ease into your Spring life:

Spring offering 🦋: This month in the Seasonal Lounge we shall weave the season of Spring into our practice by bringing mindful awareness to our Senses. Spring is a season where our senses are on ‘high-alert’ and they can provide a joyful gateway to meditation.

I love the power of reconnecting with my senses, in meditation and in daily life. Our senses give us vital messages about the world around us, and much of the beauty and awe and happiness available to us! I cannot wait to share the Senses with you. We begin on Monday 6th Sept. with weekly content for four weeks! The Senses will close next Friday – details here.

And if you wish to expand your meditation journey right through the season of Spring – our theme for October is ‘Healing‘ and in November ‘Connection‘ – and I have a Spring Season membership that is just $72 for twelve-weeks – details here.

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Spring offering 🌻: there is also our weekly ‘meditation, mindfulness + tea’ gathering which happens every Sunday at 4pm-5pm and gives us a chance to share a cup of tea, explore a meditation theme, a mindfulness exercise (15min) and a longer guided (and silent) meditation practice (20-30min). An opportunity to meditate with a lovely group once a week. We are going to be on ZOOM for the month of September (unless regulations change). Join us for the whole month (four weeks) for a SPECIAL INTRO of $60 (class usually $20) – book here. I would love to connect with you!

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Spring offering 🌞: I am still sharing a FREE weekly guided meditation LIVE on Instagram .. every Wednesday 9am-9:30am. This is an invitation to pause, rest and refresh. You can also join the private Facebook Group to receive notifications on what our practice is, and a reminder to join in – here. You can be outside, in your pj’s or at your desk – every Wednesday.

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“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” 

Rainer Maria Rilke 

Spring is the perfect time to start a new project, a new routine or a new dream. 

This Spring .. bring meditation to life in your life!