Here at Quiet Mind Meditation .. our meditation and our meditation classes are all informed and guided by the concept of #SeasonalMindfulness.

#Seasonal Mindfulness

Cultivating a clear and mindful awareness of the unique gifts of the season, and pausing to observe and give thanks (gratitude) for those moments.

the Seasonal Lounge

The Seasonal Lounge is an online space and journey where our meditation practices, mindfulness exercises and daily rituals are guided and inspired by the season. And here in the southern hemisphere (my home) we are about to celebrate the return of the sun with the start of Spring marked as the 1st September.

*Spring is a season full of vibrant yang-energy and a fresh sense of life’s potential.

*Spring invites us to awaken. To consider new routines and practices, or try a new lifestyle, to shake nd move the body, mind and spirit.

*Spring holds a promise of renewal .. and that with clarity and commitments everything can begin again or start anew.

the Seasonal Lounge offers a three-month meditation journey through the season of Spring

The wisdom of Awakening. As the sunshine returns and the earth begins to soften and blossom .. Spring signifies the end of hibernation and the start of something new, she is calling us to come play outside under the endless blue sky, to breathe the warm air and touch the earth with our body. Spring is the time for awakening and exploring through our five primary senses. Starts Mon 6th September.

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The wisdom of Renewal and Rebirth. As the world around us sprouts and blossoms, and there is an abundance of yang-energy inspiring creation and action: so we might now pause to assess, and commit (or re-commit) to the self-care practices that will heal and support us to bloom. Sunlight shines in abundance for a greater sense of personal wellbeing. Starts Mon 4th October.

The wisdom of Growth. “You do not just wake up and become the butterfly – growth is a process” (Rupi Kaur) and as nature moves through the process of transformation and growth, we are also drawn to participating more deeply in all of life. Nature reminds us of this longing to care and connect with life, to grow within ourselves, and in our relationship with the world around us. Starts Mon 8th November.

Enrolment is now OPEN for this 12 week meditation journey into Spring