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#6 Top 10 Tips

power up meditation

A few weeks back I wrote a post: My Day of Meditation where I shared how I incorporate mindful moments and meditation into my day. Every day. You can find a link (below) to each of the five tips already shared .. and today we look at Tip #6: #Power-Up Meditative Exercises Exercises to beat the afternoon […]

#5 Top 10 Tips

Welcome! Currently, I am sharing my Top Ten Tips for embracing and integrating meditation and mindfulness into daily life. There are countless ways to bring a deeper sense of awareness and sacredness to daily life and I wrote about some of my favourites in an earlier post My Day of Meditation .. but I wanted to […]

#4 Top 10 Tips

I want to share with you my Tip #4 for bringing meditation and mindfulness into your daily life. This is one key exercise that I make sure that I share in all of my Corporate Meditation classes – because within the corporate world, doing this one Mindfulness practice can bring amazing benefits to the individual […]

#3: Top 10 Tips

Standing Mindfully

Wondering how to fit meditation and mindfulness into your day? Well luckily .. this is the third tip I can share .. as part of my Top 10 Tips to help you experience some of the many gifts and benefits of a regular meditation and mindfulness practice. #Standing Meditation: aka waiting for my coffee We […]

#2: Top 10 Tips

Tip 2 Meditation Daily Life

Currently, I am sharing my Top 10 Tips to bring meditation into daily life. This is my tried and tested, and personally successful process .. the way that I bring meditation and mindfulness into my daily life. Right Now. And for the last twenty years (at least). I suggest you give each tip a try […]