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Gifts for Christmas

Christmas Gifts 2021

Meditation is the ultimate gift for: a deeply relaxed body, a quiet mind and an open heart. Sarah, Quiet Mind Meditation Would you like to gift someone .. the gift that keeps on giving? Meditation is an ancient practice, now with a significant body of modern scientific research that supports what ancient traditions have known for millennium: that a regular […]

Spring Alive 2020

Spring Alive eBook 2020

The Spring Alive eBook 2020 edition of my Seasonal Living series goes out TONIGHT in celebration of Spring which officially begins here in the southern hemisphere on the 1st September. The past weekend was all Spring .. she came with bright blue sunny skies, and without any conscious thought our household started opening windows and […]


Friends & Favourites

On my journey, as a meditation teacher, life-long student, and stillness practitioner .. I have met some mighty wonderful, inspiring and helpful people Found in..  retreat spaces, yoga studios, wellness festivals, introduced by a friend, or that timely brochure into my hands .. even parking outside their place of business and knowing that I needed to […]

The Breath. A Poem.

The Breath. A Poem.

Some years ago I wrote to Donna Martin having been inspired by her poem ‘The Breath is Life’s Teacher” and she told me that the poem came to her in a meditation. I stumbled across the poem again yesterday .. and still it speaks to me. THE BREATH IS LIFE’S TEACHER Observe me, says the Breath, […]