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the meditation box

a subscription box to inspire and support your meditation practice.

online meditation classes

Autumn 2024 COMING SOON

guided meditations

Autumn 2024 COMING SOON

Mantra or Mindfulness?

Mantra or Mindfulness Meditation. Exploring Meditation course.

Inside my Exploring Meditation course we travel through a few different meditation ‘terrains’ .. mostly across the worlds of Mantra and Meditation. My own meditation journey has given me teachers and opportunities from both meditation traditions, coupled with my own passionate and natural interest. So, many do ask, what is the difference between mantra and […]

Exploring Meditation 40-day Course

Exploring Meditation course with Quiet Mind Meditation

Calling all seekers, adventurers, travellers and the curious .. is it time you started meditating? The Exploring Meditation journey is happening again! 22nd July to 30th August, 2024 The Exploring Meditation Course is a 40-day ‘exploration of meditation’ that includes a: + daily email with instructions and support+ daily guided meditation (audio) slowly building from 5-30min+weekly LIVE […]

Week 1: The Grace Period

Exploring Meditation Week 1

The Exploring Meditation (40-Day) Course is drawn from my own meditation journey and personal practice (over 30 years), along with insights gained from being a meditation teacher for 15+ years. And, I’ve taught a lot of people .. those who never thought they could meditate, those who had tried before but lost their way, those […]

Exploring Meditation Course

Exploring Meditation Course

Join me for a 40-day journey into the transformative power of meditation, addressing some of the common challenges while cultivating a consistent, sustainable and enjoyable personal practice. I sat down to write my first meditation course, way, way back in 2010. I called it Exploring Meditation as it followed, and was inspired, by my own journey to […]

Autumn Meditation Box

The Meditation Box a seasonal subscription box

It has been such a busy few months, I cannot believe that I have not shared any recent updates on my beautiful Meditation Box! Launched in June 2022, this is my heart work and I have been fully immersed in all the beauty, wonder, frustration and learning that is involved in a new project. To […]

Day 3: Waking Up Ritual

Day 3 of the 31-Day Mindful Wellbeing Challenge, January 2023 What you do the moment you open your eyes in the morning, has a significant impact on setting the tone for the day. Over the years, I have cultivated a Mindful Waking Up ritual that has served me well .. I love the dreamy pause that I […]

Autumn Classes

Autumn is natures call inward .. as life shifts from an outward-focus to a more inner-focus. The seasonal wheel is calling our energy inside, to prepare and transition to darker and colder days. Nature reminds us that change occurs gradually and it may take several weeks for us to notice the that the trees are […]