I have chosen three lovely, brief and engaging video introductions to meditation from my bag of tricks (ie. blog posts).

While I may wish and dream to have the technical and creative ability to design my own video .. as this is unlikely to happen (in the next 20 years).. I want to share these great introductions to the ancient practice of meditation ..

#1 Firstly, I am a little infatuated with Dan .. and here he is with another inspiring meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg with a Meditation for Beginners guide. What a delightful collaboration.


#2 I loved this video which present more on the Scientific Power of Meditation from ASAP SCIENCE

#3 A fun animation by Martin Boroson, author of the One-Moment Meditation program .. which shows you just how easy it is release a little stress and to find ‘a minute’ …

Meditation is what I consider a life skill that everyone can learn.

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All it takes is a moment ..