The message of Autumn is: Preparation. Transition. Releasing.

Today in Melbourne is most definitely what my mother would have called indian summer. The sun is held high in a picture-perfect blue sky, the air is warm and energizing, and my local beach is already full of people sunning and swimming. When I left from my yoga class this early this morning .. it was grey and chilly. I grabbed a jacket, just in case. But no need, Mother Earth is having fun with us, only one hour later and we are experiencing her hot sense of humor!

This week, on Thursday 21 March in the southern hemisphere, we celebrated the Autumnal Equinox. Equinox comes from the Latin meaning ‘equal night’ and occurs twice each year, when the night and day are almost the same length – roughly 12-hour day and 12-hour night.

The March (Autumnal) Equinox gifts us a moment of balance between darkness and light – and is a signal that we are transitioning away from the cycle of growth (Summer) into a more dormant period of rest and regeneration (Winter).

You can READ all about the Autumn Equinox and the wisdom that can be gained from attending mindfully to this cooler, transient season in our Autumn Harvest eBook – link for FREE DOWNLOAD below.

In the warmer months our trees inhale huge quantities of carbon dioxide out of the air, and in the colder months, our trees exhale this oxygen back into the world. We are now experiencing a giant exhale.

Seasonal Mindfulness is about observing and better aligning with the changes occurring around us .. and cultivating a greater awareness of the subtle (and not so subtle) changes that occur within us.

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