The Lounge is an online membership program that explores meditation, mindfulness and daily life rituals, in alignment with the wisdom of the season.

“Cultivating a deeper awareness and understanding of the seasonal changes unfolding in our external environment can guide us in understanding their influence on our internal world .. our energy, mood, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and choices”

Seasonal Mindfulness is about observing and reflecting on the transitions that each season brings .. mindful of the constantly changing colors, flavors, sounds, aroma and natural wisdom .. that can influence not only the world around us, but also within us, in subtle (and not so subtle) ways.

March 2019 theme ‘GROUNDING’ : Autumn is the season of gathering in the harvest and making preparations for the journey into colder, darker yang energy. In March, we explored different ways to anchor our physical, mental and spiritual selves to the Earth, so that we have stronger and deeper roots to support us.

April 2019 theme is HEARTFULNESS

Everything that happens on our path .. the joyful and painful, the comfortable and uncomfortable, the known and the unexpected .. all prepare us for our life journey. From each step, and misstep, we learn, expand, connect, heal and grow to become the wisest and most connected version of ourselves.

This is the journey of the heart

Having a HEARTFUL approach in times of rapid change helps us understand the wisdom of what is happening, both internally and externally, and strengthen the positive qualities of the heart such as kindness, gratitude, compassion and generosity.

The heart speaks in a soft and kind voice .. and in the quiet stillness of our meditation, mindfulness and sacred daily rituals we have an opportunity to listen and empower the heart to guide us.

This is heartfulness

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