It’s that time of the year (eye roll). Birthdays are really not my ‘thing’ and I tend to avoid the day or too much celebrating. But I am excited this year to be able to spend some real time with family and friends .. after 84 days of isolation! and ..

I am also excited:

* to share my new Meditation for Beginners online six-week course
* and that I am offering an Early Bird Special (so you get a birthday gift)
* plus, I am a little giggly excited about the secret meditation box that I have planned and which I shall be sending out in the mail before we begin our online course (Australia only I’m afraid).

What is this course about:

This six-week course will help you learn, understand, appreciate, and begin a personal meditation practice .. and enjoy your time meditating!

The techniques we cover are considered foundational forms, including mindfulness and silent mantra which have survived and thrived for thousands of years because they work .. with scientific research now showing us that a regular meditation practice can not only help us to manage stress, but also positively influences our inner biochemistry, improve physical and mental health, provide more restful sleep and greater energy, and increases our ability to cultivate positive emotion.

Online meditation class

Why learn to meditate?

I am sure you have heard how beneficial meditation is: we have thousands of years of practice across cultures and languages, along with almost 7,000 scientific research papers, which point to benefits including:

  • helping us to self manage our health
  • reduced stress
  • greater calmness & ease
  • building collaboration and understanding
  • increased wellbeing
  • magnified focus, awareness and concentration
  • raised energy levels
  • enhanced creativity
  • increased sense of happiness and joy
  • decreased depression and anxiety
  • managing chronic pain
  • feeling more present and connected with yourself and others

“Meditation is like pressing PAUSE on life .. so you can take a breath and reconnect with that stable, clear, and quiet place within, even if the world outside is in chaos. Meditation is the pause that allows you to rest and refresh -mind, body, and spirit.”


Our online course will not be the same as taking our seat together in my cosy studio, but we will have all that we need to meditate, which really only requires an intention to be still and to start!

Each Monday evening (7pm aest) we shall meet online in my Zoom studio, and each week there will be ..

*a lesson theme for the week
*a guided practice introducing our meditation technique for the week
*an audio meditation to download and continue to practice for the week
*a Meditation eBook with written instructions and other resources to support your learning
*the option to book a private session if you have any questions or would like more support


Week One:
~ Setting up for practice
~ The Grace Period
~ Cleansing Breath Meditative Exercise
~ Setting an Intention
~ Finding your true Motivation
~ Mindfulness of the Body

Week Two:
~ The power of building a habit
~ Visual reminders
~ What is meditation (what is it not)
~ Cultivating stable focused awareness
~ 9 Round Breath Meditative Exercise
~ Prepatory breath awareness practice

Week Three:
~ Mindfulness of the mind
~ Befriending thoughts and emotions
~ Mantra in daily life
~ Restful Mantra Meditative Exercise
~ Silent Mantra instruction

Week Four:
~ Witnessing discomfort and pain
~ Meditative Exercise for panic and anxiety
~ Kirtan Kriya for memory formation and cognition
~ The Integration period
* Continuing with our personal practice

Week Five:
~ Expanding Meditative Exercises into formal practices
~ Informal Mindfulness in daily life
~ Mindful movement exercises
~ Qigong Standing Meditation
* Continuing with our personal practice

Week Six:
~ Meditation as a ‘life tool’
~ Ongoing support and nourishment
~ Loving Kindness Meditation
~ Gratitude practice
* Continuing with our personal practice

This course is for you, if you are:

*curious. You’ve heard all the hype about mindfulness and meditation but have either not yet had the opportunity to learn, or you’ve tried before and not fully understood or continued with the practice
*aware that it’s time to learn how to self-manage your stress and anxiety, and your sense of wellbeing
*experiencing overwhelm with too many distractions and interruptions in your mind and your life
*wanting to feel calmer, grounded and at ease through the day and before sleep
*not sure where to start and would appreciate a clear, step-by-step, and well-tested form of instruction
*keen to have some brief but powerful tools to release stress and tension in the moment, when you need or want to
*ready to improve your sleep and increase your energy levels throughout the day
*a creative that has experienced creativity-block and would like to reconnect with your intuition and inner wisdom
*interested in ongoing opportunities to continue your meditation journey, online or in-person or with some personal coaching
*you have the time and space now to learn this life skill!

If you have any questions at all, please let me know: