After our Wednesday morning Meditation LIVE today .. I felt ready to sit in front of the camera again and share a few thoughts on Seasonal Mindfulness. And I made a short video clip.

Because I live and breathe Seasonal Mindfulness, and often get caught up in the ‘business’ of writing and sharing practices in The Seasonal Lounge (the online program that follows the seasonal calendar) .. I forget that there are new eyes dipping in and crossing paths here, all the time.

So this morning .. with the sun shining and a crystal clear blue sky .. I sat down and spoke just a little about Seasonal Mindfulness which is a term that I devised back in 2018 after a challenging Winter.

Bringing mindful awareness to the gifts of Winter (#mindfulness), just like this morning’s brilliant blue sky, and pausing to give thanks for those moments (#gratitude) gave me a whole new lens in which to see the world.

As Spring approached, bringing her vibrant yang-energy and a fresh sense of potentiality, the pieces of the puzzle materialized .. along with a deeper sense of how we can align and harmonize with the wisdom of each Season to inspire our meditation and ritual practices.

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