Creativity: the use of imagination or original ideas
to create something .. inventiveness

Creativity is essentially a process.

Creativity is a process that uses multiple parts of the brain. And when one practices meditation and mindfulness there is the element of mind-training that can optimize and support the brain function needed during each stage of the creative process.

I learned to meditate as a teenager and one of the delightful early awareness that I had, was that meditation was like ROCKET FUEL for creativity.

I would sit with an intention to cultivate this quiet gentle effortlessness .. and suddenly ideas were exploding in my mind. Like a firework of ideas .. so tantalising and exciting and breathtaking. Sometimes these ideas would take me away from my focus, my meditation, and time would be lost as I chased some bright thoughts.

Sometimes these ideas would pop up later in the day, when I was walking to my car or in the supermarket, or wake me up in the middle of the night.

But I knew from the very beginning .. that meditation is like a gateway to creativity


February is a month of CREATIVITY + Meditation


Awaken Creativity

In the Seasonal Mindfulness Calendar – February is our month of dedicated practices for activating and expanding our sense of CREATIVITY. Why February? The middle month of Summer is such a transitional time, when the weather is still hot and dry, but holidays are waining and many are returning to work and school (and daily routines and schedules). Yet there is an awareness of this abundance of Fire energy still around and within us, egging us to push forward, to live life more fully and daring us to continue to go places and explore new ideas.

February energy, still burning brightly, seeks self expression and this can fuel our creativity. Through our meditation practices and daily life rituals, we can encourage these creative realisations to flow into our conscious awareness.

“Creativity” may seem to be the playground of artists, writers and designers .. but creative skills are invaluable for most parts of life. Creative thinkers can see the world in unique and unorthodox ways, transcending more traditional ways of thinking, and finding solutions that may never have been imagined before.

Research has shown that meditation and mindfulness are a form of brain-training, cultivating our ability to focus attention where it is wanted, and narrow our focus, removing distractions so that our mind can wander toward creative pursuits.


We start Monday 7th February 2022

Each day (Mon-Fri) you will receive an email with a practice to enhance your sense of openness and spaciousness – in order to encourage creative realisations to unfold in conscious awareness.  

There will be a mixture of meditation practices, mindfulness exercises, rituals, journal prompts, mindful movement sequences, modern science and traditional wisdoms.

This is a self-guided journey into ‘Creativity’ with no pressure to join anything or attend anything .. rather, these precious jewels are offered so you might find what you need to expand and savour your own innate Creativity.


* Each email holds a single tip or insight designed to inform and also activate, and inspire, creativity. Meditation and mindfulness are now both well researched

*This is a self-guided journey. Find what you need, find what resonates most with YOU, and start there.

*The daily time investment is only 5-10minutes (reading) and depending on the practice your time investment is up to you. Most practices will take around 10minutes, but some may inspire you and before you know it, an hour has passed!

*If you set yourself an intention to open, read and practice each day .. you create a rhythm for yourself and bring a sparkle of creativity into each day.

Who am I?

For the past twelve years I have been sharing my passion for meditation and mindfulness (and ritual) through the beautiful world of Seasonal Mindfulness.

Seasonal Mindfulness is a term that I coined to describe my own personal experience of aligning and harmonising my meditation practice with the energetic ‘flavour’ of the seasons.

I have found that when I listen to the wisdom of the seasons into my meditation, mindfulness and ritual practices .. then I continue to be nourished and engaged with my practices and my life.

You can find out more about my journey here.