I am super excited to now share with you all .. a new space for exploring meditation, mindfulness and daily life rituals as guided by the wisdom of the seasons.

It’s called THE LOUNGE

My intention is to bring a seasonal perspective to our practices .. to heighten our awareness of the unique gifts that each season brings, and to make the journey fulfilling, exploratory and fun!

We BEGIN 1st MARCH in Autumn. Here in Melbourne (where I sit writing to you) we are in the southern hemisphere – but you my friend can be anywhere! As humans, we are always navigating and juggling our personal internal seasons with the external world. Sometimes our stage in life or inner energies simply do not fit with the earthly seasons, and we can all benefit from expanding our awareness to the wisdom of the seasons, wherever we find ourselves.

Autumn: Preparation, Transition, and Releasing.

And each month we have a theme to guide us

March: The wisdom of Preparation: Preparing for our journey through GROUNDING practices
April: The wisdom of Transition: A HEARTFUL approach to recognizing and embracing change
May: The wisdom of Releasing: LETTING GO of what no longer serves us

The Seasonal Map gives us a framework and focus so that we can tune our awareness to the ongoing subtle (and not so subtle) changes that are occurring around and within us. READ MORE How it all Works, the Power of Having a Map, Who The Lounge is For, and other Q&A HERE.

The Lounge is a seasonal membership program

*Each season has a Seasonal Living eBook (13+ pages)
*Each month’s theme comes with a curated Guidebook (10+ pages)
*Each month (week one) a short guided 10-15 minute Meditative Exercise (on the chosen theme)
*Each month (week three) a longer guided 20-30 minutes Meditation (to expand on the chosen theme)
*Each week (x4) an email with all the resources and instructions
*A final End of Month eBook that contains all the learning and content

The Lounge is Designed for You If:

*You wish to connect more deeply with your meditation as part of a whole of life practice
*You want to be gently guided with a purpose and a focus: the monthly themes hold the seed to a deeper personal understanding
*You’re tired of wading through all the noise and information out there: so appreciate a carefully curated and beautifully presented format of instructions delivered straight to you
*You like to just dip in sometimes, and other times you’re all in: so the monthly roundup eBook is ideal
*Occasionally you have questions or niggling unknows; having Sarah at the end of an email or call would be super helpful
*You feel drawn to understanding how the season influence us in life, and how you might reconnect with this Universal cycle .. your curious
*You’re just needing an injection of summer sunshine into your meditation and daily life .. this sounds super fun!


The Lounge Invitation
Investment: $24pm for three months Special Offer (this week only) with no lock in contracts