I do so love a New Year!

I love the sense of pure potentiality that the 1st January inspires in me.  Like the first day of school .. and a clear, fresh page to write your dreams and adventures.

If you are new to Quiet Mind Meditation .. then welcome!

This is our new website that was refreshed only a few months ago, so please take some time to wander around, grab a cup of tea and find out a little more about meditation.  There are plenty of meditation resources here, including posts on recent scientific research (if that is your thing), interviews, instructions, articles from across the world, tips and insights.

I believe that meditation is a life skill that everyone can learn

If you have been contemplating “I really must learn to meditate” as part of your New Year Resolutions for 2017 .. then you might like to JOIN:

*our 31 Day Quiet Mind Meditation eCourse which starts TODAY

*see our Summer schedule of Group Classes

*listen to one of my most popular meditative exercises

*read some of our Monday Meditation Musings, a free weekly meditation practice you can also sign up for here

*or, purchase our Find The Stillness guided meditation CD

Just remember: a 15minute meditation practice is just 1/100th of your day!

And you definitely can’t beat the return on that investment … which is why I have been meditating for more than twenty five years.