Right now .. I am getting ready to take a glorious week long wellness break.

I am about to jump on a plan and attend a very special NYE Yoga Cleanse & Restore Retreat in the gobsmackingly beautiful Byron Bay.

I know .. you probably wish you were coming?

This is a retreat that I have watched and dreamt about for some years. I do not feel my best during that strange space between Christmas and New Year.  I don’t like NYE parties – there I said it!  Never have .. and suspect that I never will.

So the opportunity to escape .. AND do loads of yoga, healthy eating (no nasties but also no coffee which is going to be a significant challenge that I am avoiding thinking about), walking, swimming, journal writing, massage (oh yes, massages and a full spa menu), and make new friends .. is so perfect!

I am blessed and eternally grateful.

There is also some digital detoxing to be had.  I cannot imagine that I won’t want to share a few gorgeous pictures with you .. but if I do it is likely they will appear on my Instagram page so please follow me there.

And I promise, when I get back, I will share some of my experience with you, because I hope that one day you will also be interested in attending a retreat.

Oh.  And last year I wrote about my process of planning for a retreat, in a handy little Attending a Meditation Retreat eBook that you can download here.

Wishing you .. days of endless sunshine, laughter, gratitude and good health.