While our intention is to meditate every day and we feel this is a considered, clear and firm commitment .. STILL we face the biggest challenge which is just remembering to take the time to sit and meditate!

We have found that the most powerful way to create a meditation habit is to find a trigger to remind you of your intention to practice.

This week we have had a funny little run on our Intention Bracelets .. I mean it is totally wonderful to be sharing our bracelets far and wide (mostly far, orders tend to be flowing in from our friends in the USA). And luckily we have just recently received a new order of charms from our lovely Thai craftsmen.

The Quiet Mind Meditation Intention Bracelet is designed to provide a beautiful visual trigger to reminder you to stop, take a breath and turn your focus inward.

While you move about your day, work at your desk, drive your car or put out the washing the Meditation Bracelet will be your visual reminder .. a gentle nudge, a quiet whisper .. to come back to the breath and return to the present moment (perhaps even take the opportunity to meditate).

In this way we keep our intention to meditate in our thoughts throughout the day.

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