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Meditation ‘Intention’ Bracelet

Meditation ‘Intention’ Bracelet

While our intention is to meditate every day and we feel this is a considered, clear and firm commitment .. STILL we face the biggest challenge which is just remembering to take the time to sit and meditate! We have found that the most powerful way to create a meditation habit is to find a […]

A Meditation Coach?

Private Meditation Coaching

“Wow – I hummed classical music as I drove back to the office .. working with you is like a mind massage” This was a wonderful message that I received from a client after her first private meditation class. Meeting one-one-one for meditation is ideal for those who find it difficult to get to a […]

Quiet Mind In Pigeonhole Magazine

article Pigeonhole Magazine

So very honoured to have contributed an article “Each Step A Meditation” to this months Pigeonhole magazine.  A walking meditation is an excellent practice if you find yourself too restless or energetic to sit in a more formal seated practice, and can be done during your lunch hour or whenever you have a few minutes to […]