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A little update ..

New Summer Classes for Meditation

Wow .. it has been quite a month here at Quiet Mind Meditation. Most joyfully, last weekend was the final day of the first Online Intensive Retreat offered by the McLean Meditation Institute .. where I was helping support 23 *NEW* Meditation teachers come into the world! I have been a Course Advisor with MMI for three years now […]

Spring Alive 2020

Spring Alive eBook 2020

The Spring Alive eBook 2020 edition of my Seasonal Living series goes out TONIGHT in celebration of Spring which officially begins here in the southern hemisphere on the 1st September. The past weekend was all Spring .. she came with bright blue sunny skies, and without any conscious thought our household started opening windows and […]


Breath Mastery

Nowadays, I find that almost everyone has heard about the positive benefits of a regular meditation practice .. from lowering stress and anxiety, to improving our sleep and our sense of wellbeing. But back when I first learned about meditation it was only available within traditional centres and lineages … now in 2020 the availability […]

#7 – Top Ten Tips

Top Ten Tips Meditation Daily Life

Happy New Year!! Have you been back at the desk for a while already? or, perhaps you are still on holiday? Here in Australia most of us tend to take BIG holidays at this time because it’s Summer, it’s hot and we are an island surrounded by luscious oceans and sandy beaches. Well, that’s my […]

Summer Fire

Summer Seasonal ebook

Welcome SUMMER! I have always enjoyed learning and reflecting on Seasonal patterns .. the changes that introduce and carry us through the cycle of birth, maturity, death and rebirth. Seeing and feeling and smelling the changes .. the frangipani scent of Summer, the vibrant orange and red leaves falling in Autumn, the grey and crisp […]