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NYE Retreat 2017

NYE Yoga, Cleanse & Restore Retreat Byron Bay 27 Dec 2016 to 4 Jan 2017 with Jessie Chapman (& friends) from Radiance Retreats The picture above, is my favourite view .. and memory .. of the retreat I attended this year to celebrate and welcome in 2017. The retreat was held at the beautiful Sangsurya Retreat […]

Off On Retreat

Retreat NYE Byron Bay

Right now .. I am getting ready to take a glorious week long wellness break. I am about to jump on a plan and attend a very special NYE Yoga Cleanse & Restore Retreat in the gobsmackingly beautiful Byron Bay. I know .. you probably wish you were coming? This is a retreat that I […]

Spring Retreat: 9 Oct

Bliss Bomb Spring Urban Retreat

Bliss Bomb Retreats Earlier this year, my dear friend Jennifer and I got together to talk about our passions: yoga, meditation and community. You know those conversations where .. ideas are exploding faster than you can speak them, and excitement levels are bouncing off the walls? well, the end result of that catchup was Bliss […]

Attending A Meditation Retreat

retreat ebook

*A Downloadable PDF Going on a meditation retreat is a rare and magical opportunity to pause and be still, to rest and heal, to reflect and ignite our spirit. Earlier this year (January 2016) I attended an eight-day meditation intensive retreat .. which included vast periods of meditation along with lessons on mindfulness, the yoga […]

Re-Entry Into ‘Normal’ Life

Principles Meditation

Most spiritual and wisdom traditions speak of the power of retreating .. an opportunity to step away from the complexity of daily life and shift awareness inward.  For 2,500 years, meditation retreats have been a central part of the Buddhist path of awakening. Retreat:  A period of withdrawal from the world I have just returned […]

Peeling Back The Layers

Onions Rebecca Hewson Peeling Layers Meditation

I was only seventeen when I first learnt to meditate and I had my first ah-ha moment. Time and space stood still that very first time I closed my eyes and found my breath. I peeled back the first layer of the onion That first meditation experience opened up a whole new inner world and […]

I Am Home

Sedona 2016

little slide show of images from my recent trip to Sedona (Arizona) for the McLean Meditation Institute 8-day Meditation Intensive Retreat and then the 3-day Meditation Teacher Symposium. A beautiful part of the world and a wonderful experience. Feeling blessed.