Spring symbolizes: new life, new beginnings, and awakening

Spring entices us with so much potentiality and excitement for new projects and adventures, making this an ideal time to start meditating .. as the morning sunlight naturally awakens us with energy to begin, enticing our senses with warm sunlight and fresh garden growth, and inspiring us to make positive changes for our health and wellbeing.

And I am super excited to be sharing the SEED Meditation course at a delightful new venue in Black Rock (VIC) where we shall welcome the return of the sun with a range of new classes this Spring.

The SEED Meditation® Method (Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation)

I love sharing the SEED Meditation® Method (which I have done since 2016) because it is not only a wonderfully rich and well-rounded meditation technique embracing mindfulness, self-inquiry, and silent mantra .. but it is a practice that allows practitioners to find the elements that resonate most with them so they can confidently begin this life-changing journey.

“I absolutely loved doing your classes. You have such a beautiful, peaceful and empathetic nature .. it was a joy just to listen to and absorb your knowledge, and to be around such a calming presence”. [Lee]

What you will learn:

*How your mind works
*The benefits of meditation and how to access them
*The basics of successful meditation
*Meditation misconceptions
*How to find your center point of peace
*The full SEED Meditation® Method
*Take home book

Venue: Creative Fountain, 51-53 Bluff Road, Black Rock, Vic.
Date: Sun. 8th to 29th September 2019
Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Cost: $160