Way back in 2016, I was dreaming of a month (or two, or three) in Bali for this year 2017. I had an idea for a book, a meditation retreat to attend, and a host of exciting locations and projects to explore. And I really wanted to escape the Melbourne winter.

But .. life got in the way

I knew it wasn’t the right time, for a whole host of reasons, but mainly for family changes and needing to keep my feet firmly planted here in Melbourne .. for the time being.

But I did manage to secure a very cheap flight and hooked in my bestie girlfriend, to make a ten-day escape, and I wanted to share some of the delightful, inspiring adventures we had.

And to re-confirm that getting away from our routines, our responsibilities, and commitments, diving into new cultures, habits, environments, and possibilities …


Sunset Lembongan

Bali sunsets .. sublime

panorama Sandy Bay Beach Club Bali

beach club culture