Meditation is the ultimate gift for: a deeply 
relaxed body, a quiet mind and an open heart.

Sarah, Quiet Mind Meditation

Would you like to gift someone .. the gift that keeps on giving?

Meditation is an ancient practice, now with a significant body of modern scientific research that supports what ancient traditions have known for millennium: that a regular meditation practice can improve our mood, create feelings of positive wellbeing, heighten self-awareness and emotional fluency, regulate good sleep, improve digestion and support our immune system, and bring a deeper sense of connection with ourselves and others.

I believe that meditation is a life skill that everyone can learn and enjoy. Below are some meditation gifts that you might like to offer yourself or share with others this Christmas.

*Purchases are currently available through PayPal until our new website is completed (in 2022). Please email if you have any concerns.

Meditation Support



$27.99 plus $6 postage – Aust. only

Limited Edition available for Christmas gifts. Available until sold out.

– 108 single-word mini cards + 1 information mini card (70x28mm)
– premium 350GSM paper with rounded corners.
– black drawstring carry bag
– ritual eBook (download)

Intention Jewellery

A visual reminder of your intention .. to meditate, or take a breath or simply turn your focus inward.
Each Intention Bracelet comes in a gift bag with a small scroll detailing the significance of the beads used and the importance of setting daily intentions.

Grounding Intention Bracelet


$24.99 plus $6 postage – Aust. only

Grounding Intention – Black Lava beads (8mm). Believed to be a protective stone that repels negativity, with a grounding quality that comes from being created through powerful high pressured volcanic activity deep within the earth. Silver lotus charm.

*Leave note in PayPal on purchase for size – Small 18cm or Large 22cm

Intention Bracelet


$24.99 plus $6 postage – Aust. only

Calming Intention – White/Grey Howlite beads (8mm). A stone of awareness and calmness; assists with reducing anger, strengthening positive characteristics and enhancing the receipt of wisdom from the Higher Self and Divine. Bracelet includes two black lava beads for strength and grounding.

*Leave note in PayPal on purchase for size – Small 18cm or Large 22cm

Sandalwood Intention Bracelet


$24.99 plus $6 postage – Aust. only

Open Heart Intention: Sandalwood beads (8mm). Sandalwood induces a calming and soothing effect on the mind, enhancing self-identity, energy and an open heart. Used in traditional Buddhist mala’s for centuries, said to increase spiritual energy and focus in the mind for meditation. Includes two black lava beads for strength and grounding.

*Leave note in PayPal on purchase for size – Small 18cm or Large 22cm

Love Intention Bracelet


$24.99 plus $6 postage – Aust. only

Love Intention: Pink Jade, a stone revered for thousands of years in Indian culture called the ‘divine stone’ capable of curing many ills, in Mayan and Aztec culture it was valued more highly than gold, and Egypt called it the ‘stone of love, inner peace, harmony, and balance. In essence, pink jade symbolizes the qualities of wisdom, justice, compassion, and healing.

*Leave note in PayPal on purchase for size – Small 18cm or Large 22cm

Rudraksha Mala


$19.99 plus $6 postage – Aust. only

Decorative mala. Often referred to as beads, but Rudraksha are actually seeds from trees grow in Southeast Asia. Made in Bali (Indonesia).

– length approx. 59cm (end of tassel – top of neck
– black tassel (9.5cm)
– feature 3x freshwater pearl beads

Ocean Mala


$19.99 plus $6 postage – Aust. only

A decorative mala-style necklace to enjoy wearing out in the world. Hand knotted with sandalwood and glass beads reflecting the colors of the ocean and nature (ice green accent). ONLY THREE AVAILABLE

– length approx 59cm (end tassel – to of neck)
– ice-green tassel (9cm)
– 2x mini tassels, small gold buddha head feature, gold tassel binding.

Classes + Workshops

Summer Seasonal Mindfulness


Summer is a season full of aliveness and potent yang-energy which drives us to make, create, play and do; but if left unattended can push us into overdrive and leave us feeling depleted and scorched. This Summer Seasonal Mindfulness class is full of practices to harness and balance Summer energy through mindful movement, qigong, breath work and meditation. Time: 7pm – 8:30pm

Venue: Sandringham (VIC) $35

ONLINE Zoom Class $35

morning ritual


I shall be sharing my non-negotiable Morning Ritual which is how I start each and every day: listening to my body, energy awakening practices, mindful movement, Qi massage, breath work, meditation and setting Heartfulness intentions. The point of a Morning Ritual is to set you up for your best possible day. Find what resonates with you to start your own. Time: 7-8:30pm

Venue: Sandringham (VIC) $35


Breathwork Jan


Venue: Sandringham (VIC) $35

Perfectly timed for the shift back to school and work schedules – we shall explore Breathwork practices that can positively transform our mental state, effectively release stress and tension, and support improved sleep, immunity and digestion. Your breath is your most powerful tool for establishing calm and balance in daily life. Find out about the vagus nerve, controlled breath work and other tools to de-stress before the year takes off! Time: 7-8:30pm.


Four Steps Course

FOUR STEPS – Meditation for Beginners Course

Venue: Sandringham (VIC) $145 x 4-weeks

A four week course to establish an ejoyable and sustainable meditation practice. Drawn from my personal practice and insights gained from teaching others to meditate, grounded in traditional philosophy and inspired by scientific inquiry .. the Four Steps is a well-rounded meditation method that develops the skill of meditation, and the knowledge to adapt the practice to best suit YOU!

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

Meditation Gift Certificates can be individually prepared for any value, course or product.  

They are also fully transferable and available for a full year (12 months) to ensure that the recipient of your precious gift has the best opportunity to begin their meditation journey.

email: to discuss

PRIVATE and small group classes (with family or friends) are available. For any questions please contact Sarah