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#2: Top 10 Tips

Tip 2 Meditation Daily Life

Currently, I am sharing my Top 10 Tips to bring meditation into daily life. This is my tried and tested, and personally successful process .. the way that I bring meditation and mindfulness into my daily life. Right Now. And for the last twenty years (at least). I suggest you give each tip a try […]

Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra

Tonight. A quiet night. A time for gentle and peaceful activities. And. I wanted to share one of my favourite mantra .. one that I will often play (this very version on YouTube) and chant, invoking such a beautiful deep sense of peace and harmony, and other times I just have it playing in the […]


Bali Om

Perhaps you have heard the chant Om in yoga class, seen the car sticker or purchased the greeting card .. but do you know what OM means? Sometimes we can all be guilty of picking up Eastern symbols and rituals without really knowing what they mean .. so here goes (disclaimer : I am no […]

Re-Lax Mantra

Monday Meditation Musing by Quiet Mind Meditation

Are you on our FREE Monday Meditation Musings email list? This is a FREE weekly email designed to provide an inspirational and meditative kick-start to your week .. a little meditative nourishment! You can sign up for Monday Meditation Musings here. This week we explored .. The Re-Lax Mantra A mantra is a word, sound […]