Right now .. I’m seven days into my own self imposed 14-day isolation. And it is not lost on me, the irony, of exploring ‘Grounding’ in our practices this month (in The Seasonal Lounge) and finding myself well and truly grounded!

Last week, I was buzzing inside the bubble of a big international conference .. attending large keynote presentations with fan-crush speakers, joining into special interest discussions, sharing my own meditation journey and attending some amazing dinner programs.

The Wisdom 2.0 Summit in San Francisco has been on my wish-list for about six years. But, this year was extra special because the McLean Meditation Institute was an Official Sponsor and there were about 50 MMI teachers attending from around the world. I also had the opportunity to meet attendees as a representative of MMI at our booth in the Salon Village (where the Google Wellbeing lounge was) .. so cool!

But over the week I could see the virus situation was taking flight .. and given the time that I had spent in large crowds and the airport transfers, I made the decision that I would self-isolate when I arrived home.

And today I decided .. while sitting outside in the sunshine, under my beautiful fig tree with endless blue sky above and cool earth below .. I wanted to record and share a powerful Meditative Exercise – The Three Part Breath.

If your feeling flighty, anxious, stressed or out of balanced: the Three Part Breath Meditative Exercise can quickly soothe and calm, and bring you back to a sense of ease. This is the tool to have in your toolbox during times of turbulence!

So. Please. Give it a try. Give it a lot of tries .. because it will grow stronger with practice.

And stay tuned as I am shifting all my upcoming classes to an online format and I would love to share more meditation with you .. especially if you are also finding yourself at home during this challenging time.

I will share more about some of the fun adventures, learnings and insights from the Conference, soon.