How are you going right now?

I do hope you are well and finding ways to navigate this strange times.

Please know that you are not alone in whatever you are feeling. While I know that I have a huge box of meditation and mindfulness tools to support and ground me .. even so, there have been moments when I have felt that quickening of the heart, and nights when worrisome thoughts keep popping into my mind.

And I try to be gentle and kind with myself .. and remember that it’s ok to feel all the feel’s!

One thing that really did anchor me last week was the fact that I had scheduled to go LIVE with a guided meditation – twice a day. Just having that concrete appointment in my diary gave me great focus and while the ‘live’ part was both terrifying and exciting at the same time, I enjoyed the time together and sharing these amazing Meditative Exercises!

AND SO. I have decided that starting this week, I shall be leading a guided meditation online:

WEEKLY Mid-Week Wednesday 9am (aest) LIVE!

You can JOIN ME via Instagram or Facebook once a week for a little calm, with a dose of grounding and connection. I initially thought to call this a ‘hump day’ event but then realized that, at the moment, every day feels a little like a hump day!

*this is a 20minute guided meditation gathering
*there will be a 5min introduction and then a 20min (approx) meditation
*we shall explore a range of meditation practices over the next few weeks including mindfulness, breath awareness and mantra
*you can JOIN via Instagram but will need to have the App open to receive the notification and link each Wed 9am
*you can join the Private Facebook Group which will then allow for ongoing discussions, questions and chats. I shall also save and share our sessions in case you miss one –

Will you join me?

I shall be in my living room, under the mandala, or if the sun is shining I shall be seated under my majestic fig tree. It is Autumn here in Australia so the days are getting a little cooler and darker. But each morning I will light a candle and get cosy with my meditation shawl .. and after a brief five-minute introduction to the meditation of the week, we shall sit together for approx. 20minutes.

This will be a guided meditation and suitable for everyone.