Class: 7 Day (Free) Meditative Exercises Challenge
Start: 1st October, 2018
Time: Instructions emailed out 6am AEST
Venue: Your home, office or holiday location
Investment: 5-10 minutes each day

As A Meditation Teacher

What I know .. is that I have been teaching others to meditate for almost ten years now .. and STRESS is consistently the most common reason I hear from participants for joining up to a meditation class.

Not the good stress, and yes there is good stress .. the excitement that gets us out of bed in the morning, the heart racing flush of thrill that occurs when we say yes to riding the roller coaster or taking the big surf break, or what inspires us to go for that promotion or try online dating! Good stress makes us feel alive and prods us to take the leap.

Bad stress is something we want to self-manage

Ongoing, unmanageable, chronic stress is what can seriously and negatively impact our health and wellbeing. Stress that feels heavy and unrelenting .. that causes us to overreact to situations, that finds us easily triggered in our reactions, make poor decisions or miss valuable cues and opportunities .. it messes with our sleep patterns and when chronic – can lead to illness and dis-ease.

The Antidote = Meditation

Meditation is the only known activity to reduce blood lactate (a marker of stress), increase melatonin (supporter of immunity and sleep regulator) and increase the feel-good hormones serotonin and endorphins

A regular meditation practice can certainly support our sense of wellbeing and give us a tool to de-stress .. and meditation can also transform, transcend and even enlighten! But if stress is causing discomfort right now, then I have found it can be particularly challenging to learn how to meditate, even sit with any stillness and calm. And so many beginners simply give up or declare that ‘meditation doesn’t work for me‘.

Solution = Meditative Exercises

I have found that sharing Meditative Exercises is possibly the quickest and most effective way for those new to meditation to achieve two significant goals : *to de-stress and *to start understanding (and practicing) the fundamentals of meditation.

Meditative Exercises work because they are easy to learn, can be done in the moment, and have an almost immediate positive impact on stress levels and sense of wellbeing. These simple, practical and short exercises literally circuit-break the stress cycle and freshen mind, body, and spirit. Small, engaging and enjoyable steps towards starting a meditation practice.

The 7 Day (Free) Meditative Exercises Challenge

I have created this FREE challenge to encourage and inspire you (and help you) bring mindfulness and meditation into your daily life. Each day a gentle whisper to start. A daily email to gift you a tool to release stress and tension, and bring mindfulness and meditation to life .. in a fun and practical way.


How Does the Challenge Work?

Each morning (sunrise in Melbourne, Australia where I am located) you will receive an email with a Meditative Exercise to bring into your day. My suggestion would be to read the instruction, maybe print it out or check it is accessible on your phone so that you can DO the exercise immediately .. and schedule a time(s) during the day to repeat the exercise.

How Do I JOIN the Challenge?

All you have to do is sign up with your email address in the link below.

And then of course – YOU HAVE TO DO THE EXERCISES.

My wish is that each email is a gentle whisper and a little firm encouragement to guide you in doing the exercise. 

The challenge is totally free to join AND at the end of the challenge, I will be there to share other options for you to continue nourishing your meditation journey.

Meditative Exercises 7Day Challenge

What’s Included?

*7 days of instruction emailed directly to your inbox

*written instructions and a guided audio for each exercise

*tips and insights from my own 25+ years personal meditation practice

*a little of the science and the history behind the exercises

Is This For YOU?

Who doesn’t need a life tool that helps de-stress anytime and anywhere? If you feel that you might benefit from a little more calmness, spaciousness, clarity, and connection in life .. even, a PAUSE BUTTON for challenging times .. then JOIN IN.

The Challenge Community

Let us share our reflections and experiences! Each day I will share a personal reflection on my INSTAGRAM page and use the hashtag #7DayMeditativeExercisesChallenge and tag @quietmindmeditation – I would love to hear how you are going so JOIN in!

Sign Up for the FREE 7 day Meditative Exercises Challenge – to learn these vital life skills!

All you need to do is take the first step

When it comes to creating real change in your life, there is only one action item that is critical .. STARTING. Whether you want to meditate, become an artist, CEO, a better friend or simply the best you of all time .. you just have to take the very first step.

Starting is a sacred act

Starting requires that we open up to, and step into, the unknown. If you know how something is going to unfold or what the result is going to be then you’re actually trying to start somewhere in the middle .. not the beginning.

I am super honored to be able to share this gentle and insightful magic with you.

Sarah Quiet Mind Meditation