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7-Day Challenge again!

7 Day Challenge December

Class: 7 Day (Free) Meditative Exercises Challenge Start: 1st December 2018 Time: Instructions emailed out 6am AEST Venue: Your home, office or holiday location Investment: 5-10 minutes each day This may be a perfect time! As we race toward the festive season .. the children coming home from school, the events and celebratory occasions, and […]


4 Easy Steps To Start Meditating

Over the last few months, my world has been consumed with all the details and changes that entail the physical and emotional process of moving house (and life). First, there is organizing and preparing our current home for sale. Think: twice weekly open for inspections, needing to vacate the premises each time for 2-3 nights, […]

Pebble For Your Pocket Meditation

Pebble Meditation Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindfulness is an ancient practice that simply requires us to attend non-judgmentally to the present moment (rather than bouncing around between past, present and future .. the open space-land of non attention). When we rest our focus in the present moment .. everything seems to slow down, we really ‘see’ what is happening in our […]

Half-Smile Meditation

Bali Buddha by Quiet Mind

If you look at a picture or statue of the Buddha .. you are likely to see him holding a small upturning of the mouth, a relaxed and easy half-smile. Smiling has been confirmed by modern psychology as having very positive effects, sending messages to the brain that everything is okay and assisting us to […]


Melbourne Portarlington Quiet Mind

Grounding is a very simple and popular practice that reconnects us with our body, our mind and the world around us. This practice can be even more powerful when taken outside, into nature as studies have shown that being barefoot on the grass can trigger a fall in blood pressure and heart rate, igniting our […]