Wow .. it has been quite a month here at Quiet Mind Meditation.

Most joyfully, last weekend was the final day of the first Online Intensive Retreat offered by the McLean Meditation Institute .. where I was helping support 23 *NEW* Meditation teachers come into the world!

I have been a Course Advisor with MMI for three years now .. and it is an incredible honour to be part of this journey as students from across the world become meditation teachers. This program is truly rich and transformative, deep with content and passion, and truly best-practice in every way. Every time I am inspired by the beautiful souls who step forward.

By the end of the Intensive, each student will have completed 200+ hours of training, teaching and research; they will have shared their experiences, built a strong community around them and guided many with their own light.

And, amongst this group are FOUR new teachers based in the southern hemisphere. Yeah!!


If this sounds interesting and you would like to discuss the 200hr McLean Meditation Institute Teacher Training program, what it is and what it isn’t, how to become a member of the Meditation Association of Australia .. or chat about my experience as a student and now a course advisor .. simply email me

So this week I have been cleaning. After these big event or any energy exhausting occasion, I tend to clean. I will empty folders, drawers and boxes. I will wipe and smudge and air-out everything that I can. I will take a few loads to the Opportunity Shop and file away precious notes and insights .. and then I shall meditate and find my own sense of inner spaciousness.


And the energy that I can feel building all around and within me .. well, it is (in part) natures whisper that we are on the cusp of Summer, here in the southern hemisphere. Summer is when mother nature presents the fruits of her spring labour. So .. I would like to share some of my Spring labour with you:

NEW YEAR: Best You!

We begin Friday 1st Jan. 2021

There really is no better time than the New Year to inspire and motivate us to focus on our BEST LIFE! And there is no more powerful way to flow into a calmer, more connected and more focused state in 2021 than starting a personal meditation practice – that you enjoy! This 30 Day program includes daily emails and twice weekly guided meditations Details HERE

DECEMBER: our month of BALANCE practices

We begin Mon. 7th December

Just as the tree invests in deep strong roots to maintain balance during periods of rapid growth, so we can benefit from creating and maintaining balance to support our transition through Summer – a high yang-energy season. Having practices that bring balance to body, mind, emotions, and spirit, will help us harmonize our individual energy with the world around us. A whole month of Balancing. Details HERE


Each Season I release a seasonal mindfulness and seasonal living eBook sharing my favourite practices including: guided meditation, seasonal rituals, and insights from Yoga, Qigong and Ayurveda .. to bring attention (mindfulness) & appreciation (gratitude) to the unique gifts of each Season.

Summer draws us upward and outward; naturally fuelled to move, create and socialise, expand our lungs, mind and spirit, and breathe in life-energy so that we can fly toward our dreams. Summer also reminds us that we have an inner fire, a sacred inner sun, to nourish and tend to. This is a FREE eBook for subscribers Details HERE 

And so the count-down to Christmas and the New Year begins .. and not many will be feeling sad to see the end of 2020 I am sure. So this New Year will probably be a big one .. and I hope full of exciting new potential.