Here at Quiet Mind Meditation, as with my personal meditation practice, we follow a seasonal calendar that gives each month of the year a theme – a mindful focus.

I call this #SeasonalMindfulness

Right now, here in the southern hemisphere, we have just stepped into Summer (1st December) and all around us we can witness nature experiencing rapid transformation and growth, being driven to push upward and outward toward the sun. 

“Balance is that place between motion and stillness,
between in-breath and out-breath,
between night and dawn,
where angels whisper your name ad
eternity is poised to answer you”

LeAura Alderson

Summer is a season full of aliveness and potent Yang energy .. an energy that is fiery and hot, prodding and driving us to make, create, play and do. We can harness this abundance of Fire energy to activate our hopes, dreams and desires, but if left unattended, Fire energy can also push us into overdrive, leaving us feeling depleted and scorched.

Finding Balance

When reflecting on Seasonal Mindfulness, which is guided by the wisdom of the seasons, the first month of Summer is a time to invite BALANCE in our meditation practices, mindfulness exercises and daily rituals .. so we can find the tools to help us maintain a sense of balance over the long, hot and active summer months ahead.

So, this month in the Seasonal Lounge – our monthly subscription program – we will be exploring BALANCE:

* the elements and characteristics of yang and yin energy
* building an understanding of what practices can best support us
* along with, what precautions we might take to keep everything in balance
* mindful movement to release and cultivate energy
* meditation, mindfulness and rituals to give us Balance

Our themes – and practices – for the three months of Summer are:

December – to maintain BALANCE
January – to ENERGIZE and take action
February – to tap into our CREATIVITY

*But if you are in the northern hemisphere, possibly watching snowfall where you live, remember that within you there is also a season .. and you could be experiencing a wondrous Summer!

** You can JOIN the Seasonal Lounge for one month, a Season or the full year-long program. The journey is YOURS and there are no contracts or expectations .. just an opportunity to bring fresh energy and nourishment to your meditation practice, and find the tools you need to help harmonise your inner world with your outer world.

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Please let me know if you have any questions. 

We begin Balance on Monday 7th December.