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The Gift .. Tuning In

guided meditation

Continuing with some of our artisan meditation gifts for family, friends and yourself. The Gift of Peace .. with meditation Today, I would like to share .. Gifts for Tuning In  Listening to a guided meditation can be deeply relaxing .. there is both an element of being mentally respectful, so our mind is a […]

A Mindful Moment (audio)

Mindful Moment audio guided meditative exercise

A few weeks ago I had a local Council contact me, to discuss organising some suitable meditation and mindfulness programs for their staff as part Mental Health Week and their ongoing Mindfulness Month.  What a brilliant initiative! Along with a couple of lunchtime workshops (that were a great success) there was a request for some […]

Science of Meditation: Brain Health

QM Find The Stillness CD

We all want a healthy brain .. and in recent years there has been a growing library of research in the field of neuroscience and how the brain is positively impacted by the practice of meditation. Watch this excellent TEDxCambridge video by Sara Lazar (Neuroscientist) on how meditation can reshape our brains .. and Sara […]