This past month has been .. challenging!

April was the month that I had planned to progress a few cherished projects. I had been waiting for a little space from meditation classes to start pulling my book together (oh my gosh yes, so exciting) and relocate my eCourse to a new swish platform, and write my next eBook on sacred spaces.

Then my teen broke her ankle. In multiple places. Requiring an emergency ambulance, two different hospitals and surgery. And now bedridden for six weeks!

So, that co-working space that I was itching to tuck myself away in, for those hours of free time to write and ponder, and the groovy coffee shop downstairs for sustenance. Not happening!

And so. I am reminded again of the ebbs and flows of – life.  And how lessons flow from challenges, and that life events hold gifts .. patience, compassion, empathy, gratitude, love, cuddles, resting and napping, finding sweet things to occupy long hours on the couch.  And, I give thanks for my meditation practice which gives me access to a sense of spaciousness.

Do you want access to a little more peace and calmness?
Do you need some tools to relax and refresh body, mind and soul?

So today I share two gifts .. two suggestions to help you navigate a busy, noisy and chaotic life (that is really, just life) and help you to release stress before it begins to negatively impact on your mental and physical wellbeing.

1. JOIN US for the next 31-Day Quiet Mind Meditation eCourse

Starting: 1 MAY 2017
Investment: $62 (that is just $2 per day)

Each day for 31 Days:
* There is a theme for each day to provide a focus for your attention
* Instruction for each days practice in a PDF (sometimes including guided meditation audios) and starting with just a few minutes a day as we gently developing a longer more profound practice over the weeks
* Progress Tracker
* Additional inspiration with interesting articles, special eBooks and little gifts, to ignite and inspire your practice
* Opportunity for Q&A

* How to find a comfortable posture and prepare a meditation space
* The ‘how’ and ‘why’ of meditation – establishing a solid foundation of understanding
* Some of the key challenges (and antidotes)
* How to know if you are doing it right
* A range of different meditation techniques so that you can find the best practice for you
* Powerful and simple daily Meditative Exercises for immediate stress relief
* Ways to integrate mindfulness and meditation into your daily life (today and forever)

2. DIY Home Retreat eBook

Available: NOW just SIGN UP!
Investment: A day or a weekend (your choice)

“Sometimes, you just need a break
in a beautiful place.
To figure everything out”

Having attended a number of different retreats over the years, including my own DIY retreats, I wrote this 18-page eBook (in PDF) that you can download and use to start planning your own retreat. Because you are a priority!

Easter I think would be a lovely time for a little self-care and a restful home retreat!