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Spring : The Meditation Collective

Spring Practice: Moving Into Stillness Transitioning through the body to the breath, to stillness, and beyond Spring is the season that symbolizes growth and upward momentum, it encompasses the starting of new projects and the renewal of energy. It’s a wonderful time to bring your focus to your health and well-being, as the hibernation and […]

Spring Classes

Spring Meditation Classes

Spring .. and LOVE is in the air! Nature is overflowing with symbolism that whispers .. rebirth, renewal, love, hope and new growth. The warmer days and the sunshine have awakened the earth from her Winter slumber and she is EXPLODING with new life. In our own human lives .. Spring entices us with the […]

Bloody Stress!

Full Moon Meditation

Hello. It has been awhile. Other than semi-regular posts on my Instagram and Facebook pages, I realised recently that I have been a bit distracted and disconnected from my website. There is easy-ness to posting on the visual types of social media, like Instagram and Facebook. I can share pictures without having to dive very […]