After a hearty Sunday breakfast and a strong coffee this morning .. I felt brave enough to share my new happy place with the world (and you guys!)⁣. It’s been quite a ride getting here. And, to be fair, a truly epic use of isolation time!

So (drum roll) I would like to open the door to my new online meditation space.

I would love for you to check it out – just click the image below:

It’s fresh and new, and has had an early Spring clean. And I am just so pleased to have found a space where I can share my meditation classes and online courses, plus host loads of free stuff .. and most importantly I am excited to have a suitable home for my lovely membership hub:

The Seasonal Lounge

This new online platform is fresh and clean, wonderfully clear and logical, much more efficient and effective to navigate, and just a little playful! There are also some amazing tools that I can’t wait to implement because I know they are going to be helpful in nourishing your meditation practice.

In true celebration of Spring – our theme in the lounge for September is The Senses as we explore our five primary senses and how they can support us in our meditation, mindfulness and daily rituals. We start on 1st September 🌱⁣

⁣THE SENSES .. exploring our five primary senses as gateways to meditation. ⁣

So if you would like to:
* start meditating, or get back into your practice
* gain fresh insights into meditation, mindfulness, and daily life rituals
* know more about the wisdom of the seasons


To celebrate this new beginning I am sharing a VIP DISCOUNT CODE with my community (only available for a short time) to JOIN US in The Seasonal Lounge as we explore THE SENSES in September – use this code:

And just yesterday Spring whispered to me of her imminent arrival .. I found flowers on my jasmine vine!