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Whispering Spring

Spring meditation classes

COVID UPDATE: at this time, here in Melbourne (Australia) we are under Stage Four restrictions and so all my classes and events are only available online through ZOOM (online meeting space) until further notice. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL to confirm your place and details for entering our online space will then be provided. Stay safe. Stay […]

Suspended Breath Exercise

Pranayama Breathing Meditation

Are you on our FREE Monday Meditation Musing email list? This is a FREE weekly email designed to provide an inspirational (and meditative) kick-start to your week .. a little meditative nourishment! You can sign up for Monday Meditation Musings here. This week .. a brief Meditative Exercise that is deeply relaxing and refreshing for […]

What do I do with my hands?

Dhyana Hand Mudra Meditation

meditation mudra People often wonder what to do with their hands when starting a meditation practice. There are many different ways to place your hands, the simplest being wherever you find them comfortable! But in the Eastern traditions there are some specific hand gestures which have been identified as having special purposes – in this […]